Case Studies

Evaluating developers can be a difficult job.

What are they capable of? Do they stick around to support their code, or do they bolt for the next new thing? Below we've chosen a few projects we've enjoyed working on that are representative of our abilities and the relationships we build with our clients. If you see some of your own business needs in the descriptions below, we'd love to talk about what we can do for you.

Zane Benefits

Years Active: 2014 - Present
Type: Existing Application

A Company in Transition

Zane Benefits, a health benefits company headquartered in Salt Lake City, came to us as they were transitioning away from the technology stack behind their subscription software product. While they developed a new product with an architecture capable of scaling beyond the existing platform’s limits, they needed assistance maintaining that existing system, fixing bugs as they cropped up and eliminating bottlenecks to keep the platform viable for the interim.

Our Work

After gaining familiarity with the code, we started addressing issues with data integrity, performance, sporadic failures of automated system maintenance, and billing. As problem spots were reworked, we built up a suite of automated tests to verify the correctness of the codebase. With internal system processes running smoothly, we added more in-depth reporting and automated syncing of financial data to Quickbooks Online, as well as implementing modest improvements to the customer experience.

The Results

As most of the rough spots in performance were smoothed out, we were able to cut back the system's hardware requirements significantly. The enhanced reporting and financial syncing provide management with better insight into the current state of the business, and the product experience has improved for customers and support staff. Our efforts extended the useful life of the platform, maintaining an existing revenue stream and allowing greater flexibility in handling the transition to a new product.

When we decided to build a new technology platform from scratch, we knew it would significantly slow down our efforts if we had to continue maintaining the existing platform in parallel. At the same time, we had all of our revenue on the existing platform, so we knew we could not ignore it.

Not only were we able to transfer 100% of maintenance of our existing platform to Aspen Digital without issue, but they exceeded our expectations and made significant improvements. We were able to remain focused on delivering a new platform and taking a huge step forward for our business, and we couldn't have done it without them.

— Chris Hansen, CTO

Vine Lore

Years Active: 2016 - Present
Type: Site Redesign & Workflow Automation

It Started with a Redesign

Vine Lore, a wine and spirits brokerage located in Salt Lake City, came to us for a much-needed website update. While discussing the desired changes, we learned of inefficiencies in their business that could be better handled through software. We identified product management as a prime target for improvement, as they spent several hours a week manually updating spreadsheets. Analysis and reporting of that data relied heavily on cutting and pasting. Through our discussions, we helped them realize how much time and money could be saved by automating crucial business processes.

Our Changes

We designed a database and imported product information from their spreadsheets to simplify product portfolio management. We wrote a tool to automate data updates and created custom reports to provide new ways of analyzing that valuable data. And of course we also fulfilled the original request, designing an attractive new website that showcases Vine Lore’s portfolio in a way that is easy for both current and potential customers to understand.

The Benefits

The tools we built for Vine Lore have streamlined their workflow. Rather than being bogged down in tedious and time-consuming data entry, their team is able to focus on servicing customers. Reports that used to require around eight hours per week can now be completed with the click of a button. Vine Lore’s clients experience greater efficiency as well, as they are now able to easily search for products and see up-to-date inventory on the new website.

We were originally in the market for an updated web site and creation of a database for our portfolio. Pete and his team at Aspen Digital came highly recommended by one of our clients.

We quickly realized Aspen Digital’s high level of expertise in software development. As we started utilizing the database we realized the potential of increasing the scope of the project would increase our efficiencies - removing time consuming data entry and allowing us to focus on going and managing our business.

Pete and his team are terrific to work with- they are responsive, professional, and work with a high level of integrity.

— Tracey Thompson, President


Years Active: 2007 - 2018
Type: New Application

A Great Idea

The wedding photographers who founded ShootDotEdit in the San Diego area had an idea to simplify life for other photographers. They envisioned an online service that would allow photographers to outsource post-production, freeing up time to focus on the other important tasks necessary to run a successful photography business. By providing these busy individuals an easy-to-use service that could cater to a range of preferences in color correction and other editing tasks, they could remove a common pain point while offering the artistic quality and personal style that photographers demand.

The Realization

We were involved from the beginning, gathering business requirements and implementing those requirements into the new web application. As the company’s processes were refined over several years, we were also responsible for a second iteration of the product that incorporated the learnings of the previous years and streamlined operations while focusing on code quality to establish a secure foundation for the company’s future. We set up processes to minimize system downtime and made use of automated testing to verify important business logic.


The software at the heart of ShootDotEdit continues to manage the post-production needs for photographers around the world. The company has established itself as a valuable resource for wedding photographers and using their own team has continued to build upon the software we developed, making updates to accommodate revised business processes and offer customers new features.

We truly value our relationship with Aspen Digital, their guidance and expertise with technology has helped open up new opportunities for our business.

— Nathaniel Kam, VP of Technology and Production